Lerg® cares for the matters of sustainable development. We operate our business with respect for human rights and environmental protection regulations.

For us, high ethical standards provide the foundation for building lasting business relationships based on regulatory compliance, trust, integrity and transparency.


We strive to respond consistently to and address any potential violations of policies, internal procedures and legal provisions and we treat reports of irregularities by Employees or other persons or entities, including Business Partners, as an expression of concern for the interest of the Company. 

Any person who has observed or taken suspicion of irregularities, in particular violation of the law or internal regulations (including the Code), should report this to the Compliance Officer via a trusted e-mail: pomoc@lerg.pl.


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Place of work
We believe that the people are the Company’s greatest asset and value; therefore, we constantly strive to make our Company a friendly workplace, free from dangers, conflicts and violations of law.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) pursued by Lerg®.

8 Decent work and economic growth 5 Gender equality

Economic growth and decent work

We respect all the rights of Employees, we provide safe and hygienic working conditions and opportunities for personal development, including through internal training and courses, and we guarantee the freedom of association. We have put in place the Code of Ethics and the Anti-Mobbing and Anti-Discrimination Policy to enable us to counteract various forms of unethical conduct. Any doubts as to the proper conduct or irregularities can be reported to a trusted person.

Gender equality

Share of women in management positions equals 40%. We support the process of women’s professional development and help eliminate stereotypes of their social roles.

Environmental protection

We care for the natural environment within the sphere of our influence and comply with legal regulations concerning its protection. When pursuing our investment projects, we take measures to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) pursued by Lerg®

6 Clean water and sanitation 7 Affordable and clean energy 9 Industry, innovation and infrastructure 12 Responsible consumption and production 13 Climate action

Clean water and sanitation

We operate a biological sewage treatment plant that also serves the local community and nearby businesses, as well as our own drinking and surface water intakes and a drinking water treatment plant.

Affordable and clean energy

Lerg®’s resins are made using environmentally-friendly electricity procured under the EKO Tauron package. Also, we are nearing completion of the construction of three solar farms and small installations on the roofs of production and storage facilities. In 2019, our lighting systems were retrofitted with energy-saving LED sources of light. The project covered both production facilities, as well as social rooms and office spaces.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

We have our own research and development facilities and we work together with expert research institutes across Poland. Every year we launch a range of NPDs and EPDs that match market trends and Customer requirements.

Responsible consumption and production

Our offer features products made based on purely petrochemical starting materials to a very limited extent only – these have been replaced with recycled materials, waste from chemical synthesis and bio-renewables.

Climate action

We set ourselves a goal to reduce Scope 1+2 greenhouse gas emissions by 10% by 2026 and 15% by 2031 versus 2021.

We plan to achieve our goals by investing in renewable energy, striving to reduce emissions, following the principles of the circular economy, optimizing the use of natural resources.


We are one of the largest employers in the region. From inception of our business, we have been taking an active part in the life of the local community through a wide range of social initiatives undertaken in cooperation with local authorities.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) pursued by Lerg®

1 No poverty 3 Good health and well-being 4 Good education

No poverty

We have been long organizing various fundraising campaigns and collections (e.g. food and in-kind donations) and supporting charitable foundations. In recent years, among others, our support went to those in need via the Charitable Gift Pack by the Spring Foundation or the Donate Your Used Clothes by 3R Solutions, which transfers part of the profits from recycling of the collected materials to the beneficiaries of a selected foundation.

Good health and well-being

We are very active in supporting the Chemik Pustków Sports Club and the Dębica Community Football Academy, which gather together young sports enthusiasts. We support initiatives to improve the health and quality of life of people with disabilities and health conditions. We provide financial support to blood collection events that take place periodically in our Company.

Recently, our help went to the Duchess Helena Jabłonowska Honorary Blood Donor Club of the Polish Red Cross at Lerg SA, the Dębica Marathon Runners Club, the Poland Business Run Foundation, the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation, as well as selected beneficiaries of the “Help on Time” Foundation and the “Out of Our Hearts” Association.

Quality education

We co-fund projects for children and youth (tours, summer camps, sports competitions). We work together with universities by organizing lectures combined with site tours. Recently, we hosted students from the AGH University of Science and Technology as part of the “Industrial technologies of composite materials” course, to learn about the production technologies of phenolic and polyester resins, production planning systems, change and innovation procedures, as well as the history and structure of the Company.

Supply chain

We have adopted Lerg SA Suppliers’ Code of Conduct to promote and implement ethical values throughout the entire supply chain. Based on the principles contained herein, we want to support our Suppliers in building awareness of responsible business practices and sustainable development.