Lerg® is a manufacturer of formalin, which is the starting material for further production of synthetic resins. It is an aqueous solution of formaldehyde (methyl aldehyde, methanal), which has a gaseous form.

In our Company, we use water of impeccable purity as the basis for the production of formalin. The concentration of formaldehyde in individual products varies and depends primarily on the target application.

The substance has preservative properties and eliminates bacterial spores. It causes protein coagulation and is therefore often used to create and maintain anatomical models. Special precautions should be taken when using formalin. Not only is it corrosive, but it also reacts with air, producing a poisonous gas that is highly irritating to the respiratory tract. The product is used in the production of synthetic resins, adhesives, polyurethane foam and concrete additives.

Customers who are interested in procurement of formalin are welcome to contact us to determine the details of a product (e.g. concentration).

What is Formaldehyde?

Formaldehyde (methyl aldehyde, methanal) is a naturally occurring organic chemical compound. It is found in small amounts in animals, fruits, vegetables, drinks and meat. It is made of particles of hydrogen, carbon and oxygen and has the form of a colourless gas.

What is it used for?

Formaldehyde is used as an intermediate in the production of plastics, adhesives for wooden products (e.g. office furniture) and polyurethanes. The substance has a high resistance to heat, which makes resins based on it a perfect adhesive solution for aircraft and car parts. It is a substance widely used throughout the industry, including the food industry.

Formaldehyde in the environment

Methanal is a gas that is present all around us, yet in low, almost undetectable concentrations. At high doses, it is a very dangerous poison, harmful to the respiratory tract, among others. Companies like us that use this substance ensure safe conditions for its use. The use of the substance in a variety of processes and materials is controlled under a range of national and European regulations.

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