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Manufacturer of synthetic resins

instalacja żywic poliestrowych

Lerg® manufacturer

of synthetic resins

Lerg® in Pustków is a manufacturer and exporter of synthetic resins used across industries and sectors, including construction, automotive, furniture and mining.


The core of Lerg®’s offering features mainly polyester, novolak and phenolic resins, resins for wood-derivatives, insulation and composite materials, gelcoats, polyester polyols and formalin, plus Polfill® brand products dedicated to automobile refinishing. The Company’s portfolio currently covers around 600 products.

Lerg®’s sales

Almost 50% of Lerg®’s production is exported to foreign markets in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa.

lerg - mapa eksportu na świecie

We ship approx. 50 % 

of our output to foreign markets

Product portfolio

ikony zastosowań wybranych produktów

Synthetic resins by Lerg® are products based on urea, melamine, styrene, phenol and methanol.

Our current product portfolio, split into nine categories, features over 600 products that find their applications in many industries and sectors.

In addition, each of the resins on our offer can be modified to match the specific production profile of our Customers


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