We offer high-quality FlexCoat® gelcoats, which are used to produce polyester-glass laminates as the outer decorative and protective layer. These give excellent-looking surfaces to various types of products, primarily made of unsaturated polyester resins. They lend hardness and shine, while protecting the products from moisture, water or chemicals. In addition, they provide an attractive appearance by accurately mapping the surface of the mould and allowing for a change of its colour.

After curing, Lerg®-produced gelcoats show high mechanical strength and resistance to weather conditions and environmental pollution. Also, they are resistant to aging, scratching, and their excellent durability allows for adequate surface protection. They are impervious to water, which makes them an effective barrier against corrosion of metal materials.

Gelcoats are most often found in various types of laminates, to which they provide decorative and attractive appearance as the top layer of the surface, while protecting the mould against damage and adverse external conditions.

Lerg® offers gelcoats for both spray and manual applications. We have both colourless versions and colour options obtained by addition of dyeing pigments and mineral fillers.

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