Lerg®  in Pustków is a manufacturer and exporter of synthetic resins used across industries and sectors, including construction, automotive, furniture and mining.


The core of Lerg®‘s offering features mainly polyester, novolak and phenolic resins, resins for wood-derivatives, insulation and composite materials, gelcoats, polyester polyols and formalin, plus Polfill® brand products dedicated to automobile refinishing. The Company’s portfolio currently covers around 600 products.

Our top priority is to maintain the high quality of our products and align our product portfolio with the needs and expectations of our Customers in the domestic and foreign markets. With both our products, and integrity and reliability in business relations, Lerg® has earned a top position among manufacturers of synthetic resins in Poland and one of the leading suppliers of chemical starting materials and intermediates in Europe.

The ever-expanding product range from Lerg® meets the highest demands of our Customers with growing effort for research and development, ongoing personnel qualifications development programmes and a comprehensive pro-environmental package. This goal is never out of our reach owing to our own research and development centre and cooperation with specialist research institutes across Poland.

The Company’s average annual investment outlays reach PLN 15m. Environmental issues are another focus of our activities. In the last decade the total expenditure on environmental protection projects has exceeded PLN 20m.

The production capacity boosting projects have granted Lerg® the leading position in Poland in the resin production output.