One of the biggest range of products by Lerg® are phenolic resins for the production of insulation materials. We have over 20 years of expertise in the production and application of resins for insulation materials.

Owing to the ongoing technological progress and extension of our offer, our Company is one of the leaders among the European manufacturers of this type of resins, and enjoys the renown of a reliable supplier with a stable market position. The group of our Customers consists of companies being the leaders among manufacturers of insulation materials from Western and Central Eastern Europe.

Fibreglass and rock wool

We offer a comprehensive range of phenolic-formaldehyde resins for the production of rock wool, among others. Our offer features both basic and fully modified versions. The resins that we supply are characterized by low phenol and formaldehyde emissions and guarantee excellent technical parameters. Fibreglass and rock wool based on our resins provides:

• Excellent thermal insulation to ensure heat loss reductions and heating savings;
• Excellent sound insulation to suppress noise emissions and all vibrations for long years;
• High safety due to flame retardancy and non-combustibility of the material;
• Durability to retain its parameters for decades.

Our offer features resins based on organic and inorganic catalysts.

Glassfibre non-woven

For the production of glassfibre non-woven, we offer melamine and urea-formaldehyde resins. Products made with our resins are characterized by a high resistance to extreme weather conditions and ultraviolet radiation, flexibility and tensile strength, and maintain their properties long over time.

Injection adhesives

In combination with acid curing agents, adhesive resins are used for the strengthening and merging of orogenic belts of coal and filling gaps and cracks as well as consolidating rockfalls. The many years’ application of this material makes it a well-proven safety method.


We offer phenolic-formaldehyde resins, including curing agents, for use in the production of hard phenolic foams. Phenolic foam made with our resins can be used for any applications requiring a high thermal insulation at stable temperatures and low flammability. In certain versions the material also gives a good resistance to humidity, water and chemicals.

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