For years now Lerg® has been responding to the high demands of Customers by supplying specialist resin adhesives for binding wood derivatives in their production processes. Our products can be used, among others, in the production of chipboards, interior and exterior plywood, profile boards, MDF, HDF boards and many others.

To ensure the highest quality and durability of the structures made, a specific type of resin with optimal properties should be used. The binder very often determines the hardness and strength of an element.

Our company provides not only the highest quality of the offered products, but also professional advice. If you are not sure which variant of our resins for wood derivatives you should choose, please contact us. Based on your needs and expectations, we will advise you on choosing the product that will provide the best results.

Most often, we select an adhesive depending on the purpose of the planned structures. For furniture boards or decorative applications, standard products can be used. However, if you plan to use your elements as floor panels, doors or other structures that are exposed to heavy loads, we recommend products with a higher bonding strength. The latter will ensure that the finished installation is more resistant to abrasion, cracking and other damage, whether mechanical or related to intensive use.

The adhesives are used for the production of various wood-derivative materials, furniture, flooring, doors, veneered components and tabletops, exterior plywood and fibreboard for the building and construction industry.

The offer of our Company is addressed primarily to small, medium and large-sized makers of chipboards, furniture, flooring materials and many other structures of this type. We are open to both one-off deliveries and regular business based on periodic deliveries of specific products.

Interior plywood

We offer liquid urea-formaldehyde resins for the production of interior plywood, characterized by a low formaldehyde emission (class E1).

Our offer features resins of various reactivity levels for different processing methods. Apart from resins themselves, we offer specialist curing agents for making ready-to-use adhesive mixtures.

Exterior plywood

The advanced adhesive system based on a phenolic-formaldehyde resin, designed for the production of exterior plywood, allows for the automatic feeding of packets into the hot press. Adhesive mixtures based on our components make for shorter pressing times and reduced unit consumption of the adhesive. LERG is a partner of all the manufacturers of plywood in Poland and on foreign markets.


We offer phenolic-formaldehyde resins for reinforcement binding of hard and porous fibreboard produced using the wet method. These resins are characterized by low emissions of free phenol and formaldehyde, and ensure excellent mechanical properties.


We offer advanced 2-component adhesive systems for use in the automatic mixing and feeding of the adhesive in the following processes:

・ binding of wood components at elevated temperatures,
・ veneering of furniture parts with natural veneers and finish foils,
・ binding and veneering of cellular wood panels.

We also offer a separation 2-component system for short-contact presses.


We offer 2-component adhesive systems for the automated application on adhesive rollers, for use in the production of multi-layer glued parquet panels. These systems are ideal for use with high-frequency presses.

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