The largest Polish manufacturer of synthetic resins, Its offer also features formalin, polyester polyols, gel coats and putties under the POLFILL brand. The Company continuously extends its product portfolio whilst ensuring the highest quality and alignment with different needs of the Customers. Existing in the market since 1937, it is currently one of the world’s leading manufacturers of chemical starting materials and intermediates.

A leading Polish manufacturer of thermoforming films, preforms and PET bottles. Using the best available technologies, it invariably maintains the high quality of its products. As one of the first businesses in Poland, Hanex has launched its own packaging recycling line. Existing in the market since 2003. It has established cooperation with the world’s top companies and brands from the beverages, food, cosmetics, chemical and medical industries.

A leader among flexible packaging manufacturers in Poland. It is a maker of specialized multi-layer tapes, mono-material films, multi-structured laminates, based on plastics and paper. It manufactures proprietary transparent and mass-dyed polyethylene films as well as heat-shrinkable films and resealable films. Existing in the market since 1994. It has established cooperation with the world’s top companies and brands from the beverages, food, cosmetics, chemical and medical industries.

A leading Polish manufacturer of colouring and dying agents in a full colour palette, and industrial additives for plastics processing. Existing in the market since 1895. In addition to its highest quality products, Permedia offers technological support of experienced process engineers and research and development services to respond to Customer expectations for dyeing processes.

A company with more than 70 years of extensive experience and tradition in the production of electrical insulation and structural laminates in the form of plates, tubes and rods as well as flexible materials and mica insulation products. It specializes mainly in paper-phenolic, cotton-phenolic (i.e. textolite) and glass-epoxy laminates, and operates in a wide range of geographies with Customers in 30 European countries as well as Thai, Japanese and American markets.

The only Polish manufacturer of epoxy resins and a supplier of polyester resins used, among others, in the dyeing industry, as well as other specialized products for key sectors of the economy. Over the past two years, the Company has completed a whole range of future-proofing transformation initiatives, including an expansion of its product portfolio with business addressed to best-outlook industries, as well as strengthening its R&D capabilities. The Company exports approximately 50% of its output, mainly to European markets.

The core business of Lerg-Pet includes the purchase of plastic scrap and PET recycling. The Company operates dynamically in the technical industry, making machinery and steel tanks, and providing a range of other advanced services in the field.

A pioneer in the realm of thermosetting laminates processing. We are known for our cutting-edge technology in crafting a wide range of finished components designed for use in the electrical and machinery sectors.