Polyols are a group of products intended for the manufacture of a wide range of polyurethanes, which are products of their reaction with isocyanates. Given the origin of their derivation, these are made as polyester polyols under the trade name Rigidol®.

We are one of few manufacturers that have specialized in environmentally-friendly processing of both PET waste and virgin base materials. A reduction in the flammability of polyurethane, as expected by our Customers, is an undeniable advantage of products based on PET.

Rigidols are used across industries and sectors:

・ for the production of sandwich panels used, for example, in the construction of large-scale facilities, such as warehouses, production halls,
・ for the production of spray insulation, e.g. interior roof insulation, large-size door insulation,
・ for the production of one- and two-component fixing foams used as sealants in the installation of window and door frames,
・ for the production of adhesives in mining.

All these products are tailored to the individual needs of our Customers.

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