Novolak resins, due to their excellent physical and chemical properties, are widely used in the production of tires, V-belts, brake pads, other abrasive and friction materials, flame retardant materials and technical felts.

We supply our products to the rubber and foundry industries, the automotive and mining industries, among others.


Novolak-type resins in the flake form or (if requested by the Customer) in the ground form are offered to manufacturers of resin-bonded sands. Resin-bonded sands are used in the foundry industry for the production of hot-box cores in the Croning process.

Flame retardant materials

We manufacture a range of resins for use as binders in the production of flame retardant materials, such as furnace lining bricks, blocks, ingot moulds, etc.
Types of resins:
■ fine-ground novolak resins,
■ liquid phenolic-formaldehyde resins of the resole type,
■ phenolic-formaldehyde resins of the novolak type,
■ liquid phenolic-formaldehyde resins of the novolak type.

Technical felts

This product group features fine-ground novolak resins for use as binders in the production of technical felts. These resins are available in the basic version and with a number of additives. According to the Customer’s requirements, these resins can be enriched with antipyrenes, separation agents, anti-dusting agents and fillers.

Friction materials

LERG’s offer further covers fine-ground novolak resins used as a binder in the production of friction lining, i.e. brake pads or shoes, clutch facings, etc. These resins are available in versions tailored to the individual Customer needs.


Liquid resins are used for wetting/cross-linking abrasive grains in the production of abrasive discs, and also for fixing the grain to the backing in the production of coated abrasives. The main input material is phenol, but we also supply resins with the addition of urea or melamine. The resins are available in various viscosity ranges; we also offer a range of fine-ground resins.

Rubber industry (tires)

LERG offers novolak resins for use in the tire and rubber industry, where, in a system with a curing agent, they are made into reinforcing components. When added to the raw rubber mixture, they enter into reactions with each other, and not with the rubber, to yield a resite network that penetrates the rubber during vulcanization. They are traded in the form of drops or flakes. We also offer phenolic resins in water solutions, which are used as a component in impregnating baths for polyamine and polyester fabrics in the production of conveyor belts, V-belts and other textile-rubber products.

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