The “Count with Diabetes” run has been part of the finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity for 17 years. Its aim is not only to promote a healthy and active lifestyle, but also to draw attention to the civilization problem of diabetes. The run is entirely for charity – all funds collected from the starting packages will be used to purchase insulin pumps for pregnant women.

Lerg employees have been eagerly involved in all kinds of charity campaigns for years. This time was no different. Over 20 people from various departments registered for the run. The entry fee of PLN 75 was covered by the employer. The run was virtual, which means that the participants covered the required minimum distance of 5 km at a time and form convenient for them, and they had 7 days to do so. Some people chose to run, others to walk. Some people decided to cover the designated distance by bike or on a treadmill.

We would like to thank all participants for their commitment and time!

This year’s 32nd Final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity ended with the declared amount of PLN 175,426,813, while the final result of the Final will be announced on March 27.

More information on the organizer’s website: The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity – Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation ( and on the FB profile: (2) Biegacze | 18. Bieg WOŚP “Policz się z cukrzycą” | Facebook.

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