We are pleased to announce that we are a bronze sponsor of the International Conference on Trenchless Technologies NO-DIG POLAND. The 10th anniversary edition of this industry event will be held September 27-29, 2023 in Krakow, Poland.

The NO-DIG POLAND conference is the Polish equivalent of the global NO-DIG conferences, which are held from Europe to the Americas, Asia and Australia, and are aimed at promoting trenchless technologies, as well as enhancing the competence of those applying these technologies to the construction, rehabilitation and diagnostics of underground infrastructure cables in practice.

The anniversary edition will be a great opportunity to discuss the path that Polish companies and firms have traveled since the early 1990s to be an integral, extremely important part of the underground infrastructure construction market today. There will also be talk about what is new and innovative in the industry, in line with the technological requirements of tomorrow.

The themes of the event will include:

-technologies and innovations that can support the trenchless industry,
-safe trenchless technologies (safety of works, but also safe operation),
-diagnostic techniques and trenchless cable rehabilitation technologies that are worth applying in our country.

For more information about the event, visit www.nodigpoland.pl.

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