In our everyday work, we follow timeless values such as credibility, integrity, safety and business ethics. We recognize and deliver on our responsibility not only for the business, but also for the community and the natural environment in which we operate as an integral part. Our greatest capital is people, so we provide them with stable working conditions and opportunities for professional development, to get their commitment to work in return. We build and develop our identity with people and for people.

Quality and Environmental Policy

The Company’s Quality and Environmental Policy is the leading position of the Polish supplier synthetic resins and other chemical products for many buyers
industries while maintaining the principles of sustainable development.


We are a technologically advanced, pro-ecologically oriented and knowledge-based company of the chemical industry, for which the satisfaction of important stakeholders is the ultimate goal.


We are leading the chemical industry in Poland in sales figures and financial results.



that we ensure for Employees at the workplace as well as for Business Partners and other persons staying at the Company’s premises.

Competence and quality

we deepen our knowledge, develop our competences, professionalism, creativity and teamwork in order to make better decisions for the Business and Business Partners, and to constantly improve the quality of our products and services, as well as to build trust in the Business and its Employees.


for us means the proper delivery on our obligations and acceptance of accountability for their proper fulfilment.

Integrity and compliance

truthfulness, transparency, fairness, integrity, ethical conduct and legal compliance form the basis of our activities and operations.


in delivering our products, we follow the principle of continuous improvement through the deployment of new technologies and perfection of management systems.


we recognize the dignity and values of others and the principles of fair competition, and we respect and take these into account in achieving our goals.


we conduct our activities with well thought-out decisions made based on our values, our best knowledge and professional experience. To our Customers, we guarantee supply of products of consistently high quality.