On Sunday, January 29, the 31st final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity took place. LERG also joined this year’s unique fundraiser, as it was intended for the first time for both small and large.

This year’s 31st Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity was dedicated to all patients fighting sepsis (a group of symptoms caused by an uncontrolled, violent reaction of the body to infection). In order to save the patient’s life, quick diagnosis and appropriate action by administering the right antibiotic are crucial.

This year’s funds will be used to purchase:
– devices for the identification of microorganisms by Maldi TOF type mass spectrometry
– analyzers for molecular diagnostics of the multiplex PCR type for the identification of microorganisms along with the determination of drug resistance
– analyzers for detecting amplification products of bacteria, fungi and determining mechanisms of resistance using magnetic resonance technology
– automated culture systems for microbiological samples
– systems for automatic drug susceptibility testing using the microdilution method
– laminar chambers for microbiological laboratories

Lerg S.A. as usually participated in the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity fundraiser. This time our company bought a set of gadgets from the siemashop.pl store – colorful and soft heart-shaped pillows, reflective key chains, coloring books and cute jigsaw puzzles with the image of an owl. All gadgets were donated to the participants of the art competition “Heart for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity”. We dedicated the competition to the youngest children of Lerg employees  and received 12 beautiful works.

In the 31st Final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, PLN 224,376,706.35 was finally collected, which is over PLN 13.5 million more than last year.

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